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Alone at last

Well, nearly so. We have almost no work in the shop. Of what little we have, the earliest anything is due is Tuesday morning. So, after checking with my expediter, I learned that the policy is that we keep two typesetters and one proofreader (later clarified to add one conversions person). So I told everyone they could go home if they wanted and, no surprise, everyone took me up on it.

So, filling in for my lead, I take one for the team and stay all night. Or at least until the first shift people who are working the holiday start showing up.

fredcritter is here too, acting as the conversions person I was supposed to keep anyway. The Christmas holiday meaning a bit less to him than most of the others in the team, I'm guessing, I don't think it's a hardship. There's also one other person staying, but I'm guessing she's in it for the overtime.

The expediter and Miki the proofreader round out the little bunch of us left. Another four hours or so. It should be pleasantly quiet, allowing me time to surf the web, read some LJ and like that.

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