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Another busy period at work as another filing deadline approaches. Haven't had time to update here, therefore. Grabbing a spare moment while proofreaders look over files due at 05:00.

The wedding of friends over the weekend went OK. My fellow musicians and I didn't embarrass ourselves but weren't fully pleased. I think that's about the best one can hope for in a first gig. It's good to do such things in front of friends who have been drinking. They did "the wave" after our first song and were definately a friendly audience. We have another practice scheduled for next week and many songs we like but didn't get the chance to perform. (Silly Bob never broke a string so we had no chance to do a sea shanty while he replaced.) Don't know when we'll perform again.

I got my tax return last week. Now to work on pumping it back into the economy like a good little capitalist drone. The computer I really want is likely to be more than I can afford (which is probably true of most people) so I'm in the difficult process of defining my wants and budget into needs and budget and seeing what I come up with. I also would really like to pick up a bicycle and use it to get back and forth to work. My Saturn SL2 gets great mileage on the highway, but little 5-mile trips back and forth kinda suck up the gas in a hurry. Besides, I could use the exercise. (And I'm sure Ericka would think I'd look cute in the shorts....)

Been seeing good TV of late. Caught The Manchurian Candidate on AMC over the weekend and have been mostly liking the latest Angel storythread. The new Buffy tonight kinda threw me for a loop. I've been watching Gilmore Girls re-runs while Buffy was in re-runs so I was thrown by a couple of comments from characters on "last week" events. I wish ratings seasons weren't so big a deal and networks just aired episodes when they were ready. One thing I really like is that FOX is showing each episode of "24" so often. My Tivo and cable box had a tiff on Sunday so I didn't get the episode then, but was able to catch it on Monday. Makes me wish other networks had second-hand networks that needed programming to fill the idle hours so that good shows could be repeated several times a week.

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