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Signs of the season

I went out to dinner tonight with minnehaha, the newly-married mizzlaurajean and davidschroth and carbonel for the review gig that minnehaha has for one of the local paper. It was a fairly average Mexican restaurant that had a few spots of goodness, one of which was the price. Six of us ate, with a few drinks, for about $80 with tip.

When I arrived home Ericka asked me to check the front step. I thought she perhaps thought that there had been a delivery from her relatives. When I opened the door, however, I was greeted by a most curious sight.

There on the step was a six-pack of Coke, in festive Santa-decorated bottles, two boxes of Pepperidge Farm holiday cookies and a card. The card wished us a Merry Christmas with some vague religious overtones, I don't remember the exact wording and, frankly, don't care that much. The gesture was just the sweetest thing. All of it left anonymously with goodwill. That's what the season's all about.

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