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That's one thing done

I have completed my holiday shopping. Well, not so much the shopping as the picking things out stage. Some of the shopping is done but some might wait until after the actual holidays are done and I can actually get to a store.

I always have difficulty deciding what to get for people. When I've gone for practical, I end up with stodgy. When I've gone for cool/whimsical, I've ended up to stuff that didn't tickle the recipients as much as they did me.

So end up not getting gifts for most folks. Sorry if you thought I'd be getting something for you and I didn't. I'm much better at spontaneous gifting where I'll see something that's just the thing for a person and so I'll buy it for them.

Ericka laments because I use this strategy for myself as well. Many's the birthday or Christmas gift that she's had to cross off her list of things to get for me because I've gone out and bought one myself. I am now forbidden from buying things for myself within a month or two of gifting occasions.

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