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Busy, busy

When I arrived at work last night, I discovered I would be filling in for my lead all week as she's on vacation. No big deal, though a guy likes to know ahead of time if he can.

We had a boat-load of small jobs from The Hartford in the shop. Every now and then they do this to us, making identical changes to the prospectuses of their bejillion funds. It makes for repetitive, mindless work and our team ripped through them with a passion. I was kept busy doing nothing but logging the jobs into our system and logging them back out as they were finished for a good four hours of my shift.

At the end of my shift, I got my itinerary for the trip to India! I leave, as previously noted, on March 18 at 10:30. I arrive in Channai on March 19 at 23:50. Adjusting for the time shift (Channai is 11.5 hours ahead of Mpls.), that puts me, if I'm figuring things correctly, on the ground in India at 10:20, Minneapolis time on March 19, meaning I'll have spent a full 24 hours traveling. All of it in coach. With 3.5 hour layovers in Chicago and Frankfurt. That'll suck.

I can find things to do with three hours in Chicago (I could, for example, take the el downtown to grab a brat and a beer or I could visit with friends or Ericka's relatives) but what in the world will I do with three hours in Frankfurt?

For the return trip, I leave on April 5 at 01:20 and arrive in Mpls on April 5 at 16:28. Again with layovers in Frankfurt and Chicago. I don't understand the layover in Chicago on the way back. Sure, I have to go through customs and such but I would think there would be flights to Mpls often enough that I needn't hang around there for four hours. Oh well.

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