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Oy! What a week it's been

Was planning to work Wednesday night in exchange for missing Monday night at work. But Wednesday rolled around and I just couldn't get out the door. No problem, I figured, missing one day of work isn't going to kill me. Plus, I had a dentist appointment Thursday morning, so staying home would make getting to that easier.

Thursday night, however, Ericka developed symptoms of an allergy to one of her meds. Well, since it's a hormone, the doc says that it isn't a true allergy, but is a "sensitivity." Whatever. So she had itchy rashes in a couple of different spots and her blood sugar was all up-and-down. To top it off, she apparently pulled a muscle in one calf while out shopping on Tuesday and so was having trouble getting around and was in a lot of pain.

By Friday, Ericka was feeling better and stopping taking the medication and adding anti-histamines alleviated a lot of her symptoms. Also, resting up and taking anti-inflammatories helped her leg quite a bit. She finally got some good sleep in the afternoon, not waking up for dinner until it was about time for me to start getting ready for work. It seemed a bit silly to go into work for just Friday night, though, and Ericka wasn't 100% (adjusted for Ericka Normal) so I stayed home Friday night, too.

Saturday, Ericka was feeling much better. We watched Shrek 2 which was silly and not much of a kid's movie, given all the little in-jokes. I also found many of the voice actors to be poorly cast. But it was nice to hang out together for a couple of hours.

Tonight is a housewarming party and then it is to see if I can get in a full week's worth of work.

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