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Smooth again

Monday was a dreary day. The weather was that abysmal mix of rain and snow that doesn't spend enough time being either to let one really get in the mood for it. At least it wasn't freezing rain for any period of it.

I was dreary Monday as well. Got in plenty of sleep, I think, though I still haven't done anything to avoid being interrupted. I'll work on that tomorrow, though. By the time dinner was over, however, I'd gotten to that rotten state of being cold and sweating, shivering with the chill. I called in sick to work; again. Not happy about that, given that I missed time last week, but it seemed the better part of valor.

I'm wondering if I caught a bug while I was out this past weekend or if I was just detox-ing from the liquor and smoke of Saturday night. Could be either, I suppose, but it was not pleasant for a few hours there.

Tuesday morning, Ericka went off to Target. There are two things I'm very much liking about Christmas shopping at Target this year. 1) They have an annual seniors/disabled shopping day. For two hours in the morning, they open the store especially for seniors and the disabled. They have extra staff on hand to help out. (Ericka said they were practically falling over themselves to help.) They have little give-aways and treats. They provide free gift wrapping and give everyone 10% off. Swell of them, really. 2) In some kind of effort to avoid legal wrangling, Target has denied the Salvation Army the permission to station bell-ringers at their front doors. You see, I hate bell-ringers. I find them loathsome for their noise. I have wondered idly in prior years if I could give them $5, $10 or $20 to stop ringing that f-ing bell for five minutes, or at least until I came back out of the store. I can deal with all the other holiday trappings. I can deal with caroling on the muzak. But those bells. Those damn bells.

Before work I took a much-needed shower (see previously noted sweating on Monday) and finally got around to shaving. I'd been lazy about it for a week or two and had developed a lovely little hedgehog of a beard. Took two and a half shaves to get it all off. I suppose I could have dug out my old trimmer and buzzed it down first, but that would have led to procrastinating the whole process.

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