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I rock

I stayed home sick Thursday night. Fever. Congested throat feeling. The regimen of fluids and rest for Wednesday did not keep it all at bay. Thanks to Zicam, a quart and a half of lemon/ginger/echinacea juice, and lots of rest/Civ III, though, it only had a hold on me for a day. I'm much better now and at work again. Apparently, five or six other people were out sick on Thursday as well so things were kind of hectic 'round here. Excellent time to be away from work, methinks; particularly when one isn't feeling 100%.

Back at work tonight, I hop right into a job that's due at midnight. Pretty easy edits, so the files just zip along. One of them involves drawing a vertical rule to separate columns of numbers in a table. Trick is, the rule needs to skip a line where a sub-head runs across it. No problem for a DTP program, but our proprietary typesetting system makes me jump a couple of hoops to make it happen: Define where the rule will be drawn. Turn it on. Turn if off. Turn it on again. Turn it off at the end of the table. Get it down on the second pass. Rock.

Next comes an HTML proxy card. Quick, easy. One complication. An address next to two signature lines. Again, no problem for the DTP folks, but a bit of a run-around for me. It gets set in a table. Rules separated by end-lines and, here's the trick, null characters to fake out the HTML generator. Again, I rock.

Then an ASAP job comes in. Split it up for our job board and my fellows and I rip through it. Quick QC and it's sent off to the customer service folks in just under two hours. I, and my co-workers, rock.

I may rock mostly because, before coming to work, I watched This Is Spinal Tap from when I TiVod it from IFC. I can take this night to 11, if necessary.

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