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Sleep, sweet sleep

I ended up staying home from work last night and did get in some much-needed sleep. I did, oddly, try to stay awake for much of the night on the theory that crashing hard in the morning would be part of putting me back on the correct schedule.

Tuesday morning I added melatonin to my regular morning mix. That and a new CD of relaxing music put me right out by about 10:30 a.m. I did wake up again about 2:30 p.m. but that was just for a brief bit and it was back to sleepy-ville until 5:30 p.m when the nightly routine of dinner and dog care started. I squeezed in a shower (but not a shave) and hit the couch for some cat napping (i.e., napping with the cat) by 7:00 p.m. Grabbed fast food on the way to work and have been happily setting type until now.

Have some concerts to attend coming up this weekend so I'll be looking forward to that. My throat is feeling a bit tight, however, so rather than work Wednesday in swap for the missed night last night, I think I'll go ahead and stay home to see if I can stave off a cold. Going to have a look at the Zicam bottle when I get home and see if it's called for with these symptoms otherwise, it's a regimen of lemon-echinacea juice and garlic-heavy or hot and sour soup for me. (Well, I'll probably go on the regimen anyway because: hey, yum.)

There is supposed to be a plumber coming tomorrow to fix the floor drain in the basement near the utility tub. It has an interesting gizmo for preventing back-ups that consists of a hollow ball that floats up to seal against a gasket if there should be one. Our ball, however, has lost its float. The piece holding the gasket appears to be original to the house's 1950 construction and, so, is corroded to the point the mere mortals, who charge less than $50 per hour, can not move it.

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