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Ritalin is our friend

A while back I got diagnosed with a mild case of narcolepsy. The main symptom was excessive daytime sleepiness. I tried napping during the day (I worked a day shift then) but it just didn't fit my schedule at all well. So my doctor suggested Ritalin and I've been taking 10-30 mg daily since then. In times like these, when I need to be awake and have every reason to think I won't be at some point, I up the dose. This was particularly important when I had a longer commute home and would wake up on the freeway. (Not all that disturbing after the third time you do it. Fortunately, I was a good driver in my dreams.)

So work has turned busy with five jobs hitting us out of the blue, all due by 7 a.m. So much for my slow night and nodding off.

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