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Too Radical

It appears that I've been banned from posting in the conservatism community. A few days ago someone posted a picture of what assume to be himself mugging for the camera with a candidate for House. Added to the picture was text to the effect that, unlike the folks at, he was not sorry about the outcome of the election. I posted a quick comment which read, in its entirety: "The question is, 'Are you sorry you got that haircut?'" (Because the guy in the photo looked like he'd been a haircut victim or didn't particularly care what his hair looked like and was there, on the Internet, with a big, goofy grin on his face.) Now sure, it wasn't "on topic," whatever the topic of this guy's post was. And things did degenerate from there with others responding, ragging on the guy for how he looked. When I commented, I hadn't seen that other's had started in on the guy.

So I've chatted with the moderators about it briefly in email. Perhaps I'll be un-banned by the time I post this. That'll teach me to take the easy humor line.

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