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Phase II of Operation: Lawful Citizen is complete

Today's government run-around started with a call to the Hennepin County courts first thing in the morning. They were able to determine that the reason my license had been suspended was, in fact, due to the ticket I'd received for failing to renew my license tabs last year. The ticket was issued in February of this year. They were also able to tell me that I'd have to get in touch with the Ramsey County court to get it taken care of as the ticket was issued by a St. Paul police officer.

So I hopped the bus at the end of the block and it took me downtown. Downtown St. Paul is a lot closer than I remember it being by bus. I got to visit my old friend the Vision of Peace at the courthouse and completed me business at the Violations Bureau in no time flat.

Then it was down two blocks, left two blocks and into the Town Square mall where the Department of Public Safety has its service desk. After a brief wait in the wrong line, I got my business there taking care of (which amounted to showing them the receipt for the business over at the court).

Sadly, this does not mean that my license is now reinstated. It means that my license will be reinstated as of 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. So that's another night of work this is costing me, in addition to the assorted fines.

I hope I've learned my lesson about renewing my tabs.

Tomorrow, I get said tabs renewed and schedule a time to go talk to the Hennepin court folks about having some part of my most recent fines reduced.

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