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So, over on conservatism, I got involved in another abortion debate. I wanted to run the final position I came up with by people, but I figure most of you don't feel a need to go through your positions on this topic.

If you feel so inclined, you can follow the whole trail of the topic, which gets a tad flamey, by following this link

It comes down to the person I'm arguing with feeling that, if you have sex, you should be accepting the responsibility for the consequences of this action, up to and including bringing to term any pregnancy that results. If you do not want the resulting child, he argues, you can give the child up for adoption.

My position is that many women who have abortions (and their partners) do take responsibility for their actions by using various birth control methods. None of these, however, is 100% effective and having an abortion to terminate an unwanted pregnancy does not equate to not accepting responsibility.

In the course of this little "discussion" I asked how many children the proponent of adoption had, himself, adopted. His answer was that he and his wife were waiting for kids and that, given his current financial situation he would not choose to adopt. (But if his wife should be come pregnant, would raise the child.)

My latest response to this person was: If it is not irresponsible for you to not adopt a child into that situation, it is likewise not irresponsible for them to do what they can to avoid bringing a child into that situation. We both agree, I think, that it is tragic that some find it necessary to choose abortion to prevent that. You cannot call it it irresponsible, however, without being hypocritical.

Just checking to see if I'm way off base (what with the somewhat heated nature of the discussion).

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