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Phase I of Operation: Lawful Citizen is complete

Went off to the Dept. of Public Safety office this morning to see if there was anything that could be done about getting my license de-suspended. No dice. I'll have to deal with the court and they won't be around until Monday morning.

Then gave a call to minnehaha and K, being the helpful sort, came and took my friend, Philip, and I down to the the City of Minneapolis Impound Lot to get my car out of hock. Before heading down, I checked their web site in order to be sure I had everything I needed. They take credit cards; check. Need a picture ID; check. Need the VIN number; check. Need proof of insurance. Whoops. I have insurance, but get all my documents delivered electronically and didn't have a new policy card. No problem, though, I just printed the latest one out from the company's web site.

When we got down there, though, the drone-lady behind the bullet-proof glass tried to tell me that what I had was not legal proof of insurance. I had to have the "original" insurance card. I tried to explain that this was the original as I don't get any hard-copy mail from my insurance company but she wasn't buying it. She eventually told me that I'd have to call and have the company fax a copy of the policy down. So I call them, they fax it.

It looks identical to the one I printed out.

Still, I have my car and am safe at home where I will remain until I get ahold of the district court offices on Monday. Unless, of course, some enterprising soul wants to swing by and spirit me off for some reason.

Some have wondered how I could have my license suspended and not know. You have to go to court and they tell you it's suspended, right? Apparently not. I won't have the full story until I talk to the court people, but here's the sequence of events as I suspect they have happened: Last October I forgot to renew my license plate tabs. I received a ticket for this sometime after January. I immediately renewed by tabs. I thought I paid the ticket at the same time. I am now thinking that I failed to do that. As a result, on June 12, 2004, my license was, apparently, suspended. I received no notice of this action by mail or phone. First I heard of it was when I was pulled over Friday night. So I am currently intending to go to traffic court and see if I can't get some portion of the fine for that offense reduced. Depending on the schedule, I may not do that, but think it's a screwy system in any cas.

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