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Work makes me happy

We've been busy again tonight. This is the first real break I've had in over eight hours. This is when I like my job. I can just crank through files and jobs, getting into a nice little productivity groove. My fingers fly across the keyboard and get cranky if I have to do too much with the mouse; it slows me down. I particularly like when I can concentrate on a big chunk of files at a time. I pop in my iPod earphones, crank up the tunes and bounce along with the music, tapping away and happily cranking through the files.

Ironically, the things we've been busy with are the two different platforms (one for HTML only, one for Typeset and HTML) we have using Microsoft Word instead of our typical text-editor too. These are the tools I like the least, but part of that is because they tend to promote breaking things into huge files. This is OK if you're doing the first pass through a file because you just get into a groove and crank away.

When there are edits, however, you have to download the huge file, search through it for an edit here and an edit there, then create a PDF of the thing for printing, hunt and peck through the file again for the pages where your edits were or just say, "screw it" and print the whole thing out. I, seemingly alone among my co-workers, break the files up as if we were working them in our traditional system. Thus the cover page gets a file. The ToC gets a file. The big financial tables all get their own file. The Signatures page gets its own file. The Index to Exhibits gets its own file. The body between those gets broken into 6-8 page chunks depending on how many tables are in it. Thus, if you're working edits in one of my jobs, you are, at most, downloading an 8-page file to work on, limiting your need to search and the amount of paper wasted if you just print the whole thing out.

That comes off a bit cranky when I read it again which is just not true. I'm quite happy. I like having stuff to do. I'd be happier if it was my own stuff, but if I must do someone else's stuff, I'd rather be doing it than sitting around waiting to do it.

So now, with all of our work caught up and nothing new due until Monday, I'll just cruise about the net for a bit, catching up and seeing what's news.

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