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This is mostly pointless

It's peak again here at work. Every quarter, companies have to file reports with the SEC. Since a chunk of our work is producing those filings we get busier round the filing deadlines. In an effort to anticipate the work load and staff accordingly, we are given mandatory overtime to work. For me, this means coming in on my day off last week and this forthcoming week and also working one night of the weekend. Tonight.

I had a unique experience when I arrived. Usually, when it's slow, I'll tell you that there's nothing on our schedule. What I usually mean is that there is noting for me to work on on the schedule. Jobs are all in proofreading, or someone else is working them, or they are on hold. Tonight, when I tell you there was nothing on the schedule when I showed up, it means precisely that. I pulled up the schedule and listed off all the jobs for our site. A blank screen greeted me.

Nada. Zilch. Nothing.

The lead for the weekend came down after I'd settled in and let me know that we're supposed to be getting two in-house jobs sometime tonight. The first was supposed to be here three hours ago. The second has come in as I type this. It consists of two files totaling about a dozen pages. I'm working four of them.


(The nature of this kind of work means there may be sporadic drops of more pages as the client goes through the document. It's not looking like there'll be a lot of this one, though.)

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