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Can't Sleep; Clowns Will Eat Me.

One of my favorite t-shirt slogans, taken, IIRC, from a Life in Hell cartoon.

For reasons unknown to man's science, my regular routine of sleeping when I get home and off work in the morning didn't work for me today. Typically, I grab a quick snack, crawl into bed, don a sleep mask and headphones for soothing, masking music/environmental sounds and zonk out for six or eight hours. Today, about two and a half. When this has happened before, it was no big deal, I just caught a nap later in the afternoon, awaking in time to come to work. No dice.

So I've just arrived at work to find no pending jobs on the board. This means a slow night in store. If I had work aplenty, staying awake would be no problem. I'd be less efficient, to be sure, but when I'm busy I don't typically get dozy.

Plan A is going into action. I have water (for dehydration causes drowsiness), food (for food is sleep) and M&Ms (for crunchy sweets help keep me awake). When feeling extremely drowsy, I'll drop by here and write some. Hopefully will do the trick. Perhaps I'll get so sleep deprived that I'll be amusing; to myself if no-one else.

If you happen to be night-owling it and have ideas for keeping awake tonight (or later for this is bound to come up again) drop me a comment and let me know.

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