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More thoughts on moving forward

A friend laid out his ideas for building the infrastructure to bring true liberalism back into this nation's government. In a comment to him, I started these thoughts:

He talked about needing think tanks, policy institutes, and foundations. We need political scientists, economists, and philosophers. I think he left out education. All those other things are aimed at the people that are currently voters. Since the country is largely a middle that's leaning right, we aren't going to make a lot of progress trying to move that mass. (We should keep trying, yes, but the effort will not pay big dividends.)

What we need to tip the scales is to add more people to our side and that means getting them young. Already our education system does a decent job teaching liberal values: share, take turns, don't hit, respect others even when they are different.

We need to build on that and make sure that the people that are becoming voters are leaning more toward our side. This is, in my mind, where the ground war begins. We fight the holding actions, we bolster the local officials, but to win in the long run, we need to change the battleground.

The conservatives are doing this to some extent already. Vouchers for taking kids out of public schools is a way to move the money (read: power) from the public good to personal control. These fights can be won and are the important ones to win for the future.

It starts with the kids.

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