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Mid-night musings

It's about my lunch time, not that I actually eat lunch. Or, if I do, I usually do it while sitting at my desk and doing something else. There's enough time waiting for files to compose or to print that one can easily nibble on a sandwich or on a nifty little couscous dish. In any case, it's half-way through my work shift on another slow night.

I downloaded yesterday, software from, which purports to support fiction writers of all kinds. I've always written but have been frustrated by my efforts not matching up to my own expectations. I've looked at various ways to improve this (this journal being one of the latest) and intend to play with this new tool some to see if there is anything within that helps. Read a chat transcript they have on their site with Tracy Hickman, who I knew first as a game designer before he became a game novelist with his co-author Margaret Weis. I've always liked Tracy, if not always his writing, so it was interesting to see what he had to say about the product.

I'm looking forward to drumming quite a bit this week. Tomorrow or Thursday I hope to get out to the home of a friend from the Kieran's session for some practice and tips. There is the session at Kieran's on Wednesday and then the wedding of a friend on Saturday where I'll perform as part of "Barbwire Bob and the Scottish Elves." It should be fun and silly; I think there will be enough drinking on the part of both performers and audience that we'll all have a good time.

Looking forward to my income tax refund. Been cruising the Apple web store, eyeing TiBooks and leaning heavily that direction. I may get a loan either from them or my credit union to pay the initial cost and keep the refund largesse in savings for any emergency needs that come up. I should also use a chunk of it to open an IRA to complement my 401k.

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