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Starting to feel the excitement!

Just had a look at; the latest polls have Kerry leading by 298 electoral votes to 231. Predicted final result: Kerry 306, Bush 218. (His predicted results have Colorado and New Mexico in a tie, so the total isn't correct.) Given his prediction, I also think that Kerry will carry Nevada and Colorado and has a good shot a Missouri. So if things break as I think they should, Kerry ends up with 331 electoral votes and Bush with 207. A margin of 124 electoral votes meaning that the 68 votes of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida would be almost irrelevant.

I volunteered to call folks Sunday night and get them out to a rally on Monday night after which there was to be a lit drop for voting reminders. Also asked people to volunteer to go door-to-door on Tuesday and take people to the polls. Of the 90-some calls I made, about 20 people volunteered for one or the other. (Only two of those I spoke to were Bush supporters; one a wrong number, one the wife of a Kerry supporter.)

I'm looking forward to watching returns tomorrow night and hope that by the time I go to work at 10:00 p.m. Central Time there will be enough of a return to show a Kerry victory on the march.

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