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Caving in

I went home and talked over with Ericka my plans to protest our President's appearance in our fair city on Saturday morning. She was a bit nervous but supportive, wanting mostly to make sure that I had bail money arranged, a lawyer lined up, and we had worked out coverage for her needs if I should be incarcerated.

I started feeling like I should also do something to actually help remove President Bush from office. Sure, protesting would give me that "I've got rights!" rush, but it would be unlikely to actually change anyone's mind or make them more likely to vote.

So I volunteered to answer phones at DFL HQ on Friday night, thinking I'd do that, go to work and then downtown to see about exercising my rights.

Well, as I was about to leave, we checked Ericka's blood sugar. Just a routine to make sure things are OK when I'm going to be gone for a while. It was 66. The scary part was that Ericka had no idea it was that low. She usually has a very good body-sense for when her blood sugar is off. So we got her some juice and crackers and cheese and decided that we'd check again in a half hour.

Well, that was when I should be starting my shift at DFL HQ.

So I got to thinking. It's more important that people get out and vote than it is that I verify the existence of my rights of free speech and assembly.

So, to the great relief of many of you, I bet, I decided that I'll not be going and getting myself arrested in the morning. Instead, I'll volunteer at the phone banks, calling people to make sure they get out and vote.

I feel both virtuous and half-way like I'm caving in. The way I figure it, the more people vote, the more likely it is that we'll get Mr. Bush out of office and the more likely it is that I won't have the need to verify my rights.

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