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Git yerself arrested

I have this bizarre desire to use my rights to free speech and freedom of peaceable assembly to present our President with the message, "No More Lies" in areas that I suspect he and/or his people will not like me to do that. Since his people include those with the authority to arrest me I suspect I would be arrested either immediately following the delivery of this message or in the attempt to deliver it.

So I ask myself: Is it worth it?

And I answer: Does it have to be?

Does having the right, guaranteed by the Constitution (specifically the First Amendment thereto), to move about in public as I will (providing I do so in a peaceable manner) and to say what I will (providing I break no laws, e.g., endangering no others) mean anything if I don't use them? Does the use of those rights need to be justified by said use resulting in some useful purpose?

I think the use of my rights does not have to serve a purpose. It is only by using them that I can ensure that I still have them. If I allow myself to be intimidated into not using them (e.g., out of fear of arrest), isn't that tantamount to surrendering them?

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