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Well, I ended up spending a few quite dull hours at DFL HQ. That one question was the only one I answered during my stay. Didn't get another phone call and, actually, found out I shouldn't have answered that one. (Read the volunteer manual that said to answer on the second ring after picking that one up on the first ring. I think I was supposed to be overflow.)

I'm going to contact them about doing the same thing later this week and also about some volunteer coordination activities. They seriously need some help in that department and I think it's something that would actually make a good paid position, if I could swing that kind of thing. When I arrived, there was no clear direction for what I should do, who I should talk to, etc. When the woman who eventually came and got me arrived she asked if I was a "phoner." Well, I'd volunteered to answer phones, not to be someone calling people so I didn't know.

The other thing I found interesting as I surfed various web site while working there, was that there are a lot of little, grass-roots organizing groups out there. I don't know if the DFL is in contact with these folks, but I would think that sending DFL volunteers to their meetings and such, to keep a feel on the pulse of the constituency would be a good thing. (I'd suggest being very open about doing this so the groups don't feel "spied on" by the big, bad political party.)

So, anyone know anyone in the local DFL that would be amenable to a) talking to me about volunteer coordination suggestions and/or b) talking to me about a paid position in the party doing volunteer coordination?

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