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An update like thing

The trip to Chicago to see the newphew get baptized went pretty well. We need to remember that Ericka cannot go more than about an hour and a half without a rest stop. Apart from that, however, it wasn't bad at all. We didn't get on the road until about 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning as I was quite tired and ended up sleeping most of Friday away. Still, the third shift schedule helped out and I was able to drive the whole way without any difficulty.

I brought along the iPod and my Monster Cable charger and FM transmitter. Needed to switch frequencies a couple of times during the trip, but otherwise was not without tunes. That helps keep me awake as I have a "Driving" mix (with over two days worth of song in it) that are selected for being up-beat and having lyrics I can sing along with. If nothing else, keeping up in my head keeps me awake.

The newphew seems to be a pleasant sort. A bit of fussing when hungry or needing burping, but otherwise quite content to hang out with whomever is holding him. Ericka got to spend a lot of time with him on Saturday as her brother, his wife and Ericka's mom came over to the hotel where we were being put up for a visit.

We crashed about 7:00 p.m. Saturday and were up just in time to get breakfast, shower and get dressed in order to get to the church for the baptism at 1:15 p.m. The baptism (which we had been told was a "christening," a word that raised visions of smacking small children with bottles of champagne in my head) went pretty well. We all agreed that the pastor didn't really have to mention the election at all but at least he didn't suggest people vote one way or another. The actual anointings and pouring of water over the heads of the babes was worked out in a nice assembly line fashion. I think we were out of there by 2:00 but didn't really check.

Next was a luncheon at a local municipal airport. Kinda cool location with small planes taking off and landing just outside the window. I had a mediocre salmon entree. The room that had been secured for the festivities, however, was closed in, causing the general volume of the large number of children present to seem as if it was raised a few dozen decibels. Being still tired, Ericka and I (mostly at my urging) bailed early.

We got up Monday morning, had some breakfast, packed and hit the road before noon. Got home and retrieved our dog from the good friends caring for her and proceeded to sleep through most of the day and night.

Sometime during the drive down, I developed an irritation in my eye. You know how you get that crusty bit of dried whatever on your eye when you're very sleepy or just waking up? Well, it felt as if some of that schmutz was stuck to the inside corner of my right eye. I wrote it off as just that but it didn't go away. So I figured it must have migrated a bit, getting stuck under my eyelid. The old pull-and-sweep maneuver didn't help, though. Neither did directly flushing it with water.

Before work today, I finally went to see a doctor. She confirmed that there wasn't actually anything in my eye (that either of us could see) and that I did have some inflammation of the tissue there at the corner. So I have some anti-inflammatory eye drops as well as some anti-biotic ones. It feels a bit better but is still irritating. The plan is to take off a bit early from work tonight; at least we aren't too busy. I wouldn't have come in at all, preferring to stay home and just lay there with my eyes closed, but my lead called in sick. So I get to be the good guy and fill in because I'm needed and once my manager gets here, I'll head home. Best of both worlds.

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