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Got some bad news yesterday: the Target job didn't work out. They deal with the recruiter through some arcane interface so the only feedback I got was that I was "not a good fit." This seems to run contrary to my impression of the interview. I called the recruiter, expressing my confusion, and he indicated confusion on his part as well. He's going to try to get more information from the woman I interviewed with through channels but I don't expect to hear anything more. Dropped in on today; the position's been re-posted. Sigh.

That seemed to throw a pall on everything I was doing. The job interview I had this morning at my current company (in a new group) went OK but I came out of it feeling "eh." Not excited about the job as I usually am when I get out of interviews.

The rest of the day was frittered away trying to sleep. I did eventually get some napping in after dinner. Arrived at work to discover only two jobs on our schedule; it looked to be a long night. There turned out to be, however, scads of work on our other schedule, so that's kept things moving along nicely. Bit of a lull just now but more work's bound to turn up.

Tomorrow Ericka and I are supposed to start down to Chicago for the newphew's (which is a type for new nephew that I think I'll keep) christening. Ericka was feeling not well today after getting flu, tetanus, and pneumonia vaccines yesterday. Her blood sugar was also really high the few times we checked it. So if she's not feeling better, I think we'll wait until Saturday to head down.

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