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Looking like a long night

I got a late start. I had ... other commitments. (*cough* see _the_operation *cough*) So I'll be here a little late tonight. Grabbed some food on the way in, so at least I won't be starving and here late. There's also that I was here some extra time yesterday (thanks to a print server crashing) so that'll help balance things out too.

In the good news: I have another job interview lined up! This is for a position in a new group within the company that I'm currently working for. Merrill is traditionally a financial printing firm and, as such, has a great deal of volatility depending on the market. In order to smooth things out, they are trying to diversify and one market they want to move into is real estate. So this position is about helping set up web sites for mid-size real estate partnerships.

Sounds like it could be fun. Not Target-level fun, but it would be days and hopefully more pay. My interview is Thursday a.m.

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