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Advances on many fronts

A semi-busy day at work today. Just waiting for co-workers to break up some big jobs to spread the work around and so thought I'd take a minute to jot down a thought or two.

Found today from the site. Apple is beta-testing access to their mail system over the web and seem to have built a very robust client. So far, I've been able to do little other than send a couple of messages as I currently have a client on my machine at home checking and downloading mail every 10 minutes or so. Did manage to catch one piece of mail coming in and I think I'll turn off the client when I leave for work from now on. Give me better contact with many friends that way.

Ericka went to her pool therapy today. Came back grumpy that she did far less in the way of PT than she'd done pre-accident, probably a sign of good healing.

Got my MN State tax refund today as well. Whee! Splurged a bit and got beer on the way to my regular Thursday-night wargaming. Oh, and M&Ms for work. (Crunchy sugar helps when I'm drifting off. I use them on the road during long drives as well.) Finally got a bag with a new color different than aqua. Aqua has to go. This bag has pink. I could live with pink. Purple rules, though. Go purple!

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