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Dreams of grandeur

I think the operation is going to my head.

When I got home, I watched the beginning of last night's debate. I'd previously read the transcript because I didn't remember if I was Tivoing the debate or the Yankees/Twins game. So I didn't watch the whole thing, having gotten a general impression from the transcript that Kerry, if anything, improved on his performance in the first debate.

I awoke minutes ago from a dream where I was running for president. There was a crisis where a group of terrorists held some strategic site in the mountains near Washington, D.C. I ended up winning and having my opponent's running mate as V.P. This suited me fine as he was named "Pete" and was a reasonable guy.

My first act as President was to interrupt the news conference of a cabinet member (I would guess Secretary of State or National Security Advisor) to present my solution for solving this crisis. The cabinet member, a woman I respected as highly competent at her job, had been frustrated by the previous administration's policy on dealing with this crisis. She came near to shouting "hallelujah" as I laid out my plan.

I had the impression that the nation had been without a President for a time before this special election.

After, my buddies came down the long hotel hallway, celebrating a victory by the Twins. They asked me if I'd won and were stunned when I said yes. We immediately began celebrating, with them making mock bows as they swarmed to congratulate me. The exclamation, "Dude!" was used widely and I remarked that I believed the proper term of address was "Mr. President." This was greeted with, "Of course, Mr. President, dude, sir!" We stumbled, laughing into a hotel suite where more mock bowing was exhibited.

I remarked that the thing my fledgling administration really needed was for some reporter to get pictures of me in a hotel room with a bunch of half-naked men prostrating themselves to me.

Then I woke up.

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