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Reading, baseball, interview prep

Fred Pohl's Gateway really grabbed me. I finished reading it tonight after starting at work last night. The combination of a grand space adventure and the very personal exploration of the main character's psyche resonated strongly with me. I became interested in him very quickly and in his plight. I could identify with being deeply frightened of the very thing that you wanted the most and I found the process of his therapy very believable.

I watched the second game of the Twins/Yankee series. Very good baseball game. Even though the Twins lost, I thought it was a very good sign that they hung in there for all twelve innings. It was only sending Nathan out for a third inning that looked at all like a mistake for them. There they were, in Yankee Stadium, putting the pressure on the Yankees. No way the Yankees would want to come to the Twin Cities and need to sweep the Twins. They took a lead. Gave up a lead. Didn't collapse. Battled back to take another lead. Kept the game to a tie. Pitched their little hearts out on into extra innings. In the end, the Yankees won, but they had to feel more relieved than triumphant.

Earlier today I went and met with the recruiter for Manpower Professional, the agency that's getting me the interview at Target. He was a nice enough young man and gave me a good packet of information about the interview. (Who I'm interviewing with, general interview tips, directions, etc.) He seemed impressed with my experience and to think that I had a good shot at this position.

He indicated that they'll want some writing samples. So I've been trying to dig up things here and there to some of my writing that I think will fit in with their goals for the position. They're looking for someone with a background in journalism or marketing, which isn't me. I do have, however, good communication skills and the technical background they need. So the goal is to show them that I can write for what they need. For starters, I took my last post, complaining about silly make-work exercise I had to do at work last night, and turned it into a letter suggesting changes to make the exercise more effective. Such a thing wouldn't go over at my current job, but I'm hoping the effort will show not only my ability to communicate a difficult subject with some tact, but also that I'm a team player working to improve something for the benefit of all.

Have to come up with a couple more. I think I'll tackle a report on the Vice-Presidential debate from a journalistic standpoint. That'll let me watch the debate, which I've been meaning to do and, hopefully, go a long way toward showing that I can tackle a difficult topic without either appearing partisan or offending anyone. Stick to the facts, that's the ticket.

I'm hoping to keep all these samples short, a page at most, and bring them out during the interview in a way that encourages reading them during. Hopefully, I'll be able to gauge the response and choose to leave some out if they aren't the direction Target is looking to go.

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