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Another of those nights

Not much to do at work tonight. I'm itching to head home and watch the last of the Presidential debate. I got to see the first 20 minutes or so before heading in to work tonight. Even in that little time, it looked like Kerry was doing a much better job. The President was getting visibly angry at his opponent's barbs. Bush's responses to questions and rebuttals kept getting shorter and shorter as he fell back on prepared catch phrases that he repeated ad naseum. (I'm not looking forward to another hour of that!)

Kerry, on the other hand, appeared relaxed and unphased by his opponent's attacks. I credit his experience on the Senate floor for helping him keep his composure. He was much more focused and on-message than he has appeared to be in clips of his stump speeches that I've seen.

I'm also looking forward to the coverage The Daily Show gives the debates.

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