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Busy day off

First thing in the morning, I have to run down to Savage in order to pick up a replacement part for Ericka's van. This will allow me to reattach the driver's seat that was removed for Ericka's last adventure in driving practice. Then it will be to schedule a time to take the van off to Freeway Ford in Bloomington to have the passenger side mirror (also a casualty of driving practice) replaced, hopefully before we are to drive down to Chicago for our new nephew's christening.

When I return from what should be a fairly quick trip to the place that converted Ericka's van, I head off to Barnes & Noble where Ericka should have a copy of the new Laurel K. Hamilton novel waiting for her. Knowing Ericka, she'll have the thing read by dinner time.

The Twins, in addition, are playing a double-header tomorrow since their game with New York was rained out today. That'll make for some interesting dynamics, I think so I'm kind of looking forward to it.

I'm feeling, currently, in a bit of a cooking mood so I'm tempted to look for something interesting to make tomorrow. But that's tomorrow, so who knows how I'll feel when it comes time to actually do the cooking.

90_percent_sure mentioned elsewhere her practice of carrying stuff off to Como Park's big fire rings and burning it as a purging activity. This sounds cool, appealing to both my decluttering and pyromaniacal sides so I'm thinking that's a good activity for tomorrow night too.

Or, there's the long-time favorite: sleeping.

Choices, choices....

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