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Well, let's see how this goes

Last night was my day off, if that makes any sense.

I was, oddly, awake for most of the daylight hours. This was OK by me as it meant that I got to get out and see Hero at a matinee. Oh, what a joy it is to see a matinee movie when school is in session! I walked in about a half hour before the movie started and I was the only one in the theater! The whole thing, just for me! Some other people wandered in before the previews, apparently, but I never saw them; only heard their conversations behind me.

Very good film. Beautifully shot. I liked the way that Nameless (Jet Li) told one story (via flashback), the King of Qin (Daoming Chen) told a different story (via flashback). Nameless told yet a third story (via flashback), and then things wound up in the present time of the plot. Very interesting narrative structure. It kept you interested in the story even though the outcome of the events was pretty certain.

I thought that Maggie Cheung (as Flying Snow) turned in about the best performance of the cast, though Li, Chen and Tony Leung Chiu Wai (as Broken Sword) were also very good. It will be interesting to see, after the success of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon last year, how this film does at the box office and at awards time.

The rest of Wednesday, I spent asleep. Well, there was making dinner for Ericka, a baseball game, and playing some poker. But other than that it was sleeping, with the sleep and some napping. I've been having this nagging nasal congestion for about the last week that seems to want to build up into a full-fledged cold but gets beaten back by about a day's worth of sleep. This means that my weekends end up being really only one day long as one of them is lost to sleep and my day off gets largely consumed with sleep.

A side effect of this today was that I slept almost not at all during my regular sleeping hours. I lied in bed, listened to music, pet the cat, futzed on the net. But no sleeping.

So now I'm at work. Where there is, in fact, no work. Work so far has amounted to a straight dupe of three pages from an old job. Next on the agenda, prepping another job (due at 9:00 a.m.) for final quality check. Nothing else to keep my interest. Glad I brought a book. What I don't know is if I'll be able to stay awake for all of my shift, having had no sleep today. I'm not sleepy just now, but who knows how long that will last?

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