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Drivers wanted

Since the leaving of her last helper that had a driver's license, Ericka is beginning to feel more and more cooped up. Since she's still a bit shaken from her first attempt at driving herself, she's looking for people that would be willing to take her places.

With my schedule, we're often sleeping at opposite times and when I'm not sleeping I'm often not willing to give up the few hours of free time I have between sleeping and working.

So if you're local to the Twin Cities, have a few free hours and wouldn't mind taking Ericka out to the library or a bookstore or some other simple outing, give a call to the house (612-331-3655) and talk to Ericka. (You'd be driving our van which, despite Ericka's recent difficulties, isn't hard for anyone who can drive a passenger vehicle. It is a bit high to climb into, but if you're concerned about that, you can always use the lift!)

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