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Day of Labor

I'm working Monday night when normally I'd have a holiday. I don't mind this much as I'd just be sitting up, watching movies or somesuch. This not only gets me out of the house, but gives me time to read and holiday pay.

A brief in-house job floated through a bit ago. I can't imagine that, even on the west coast, the clients will be hanging around much longer to do edits or additional content.

I just finished The Einstein Interesection by Samuel R. Delany and finished Greg Benford's Timescape over the weekend. I'm intrigued that both of these Nebula award winners conjure up Einstein and Godel to very different effect. I'm also somewhat disturbed to read Delany's bio and find that Babel-17 is reported as winning the Nebula for 1966. It's not on my list of Hugo and Nebula winners so I'll have to go research that and see about adding it.

For now, however, I'll delve into Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny. That should eat up the remaining five or so hours of my shift here.

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