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Huh, archery.

Archery has turned up in my dreams. I'm not sure what that means.

First there was some sort of terrorist attack on a touristy fake castle perched on a cliff. After it had fallen, in pieces, over the cliff, statues of Greek gods arose from pedestals installed around it in some sort of timed presentation that the attack had not cancelled.

The statues came alive as the place crawled with government agents investigating the attack. As they wandered off, they fired arrows into a tree. One was fletched in white while the others were fletched in green. The green were grouped together well, but the white one was closer to the intended target. As the gods retrieved their various arrows I commented to myself, "Archery contest won by Apollo. Of course."

Then later I am watching an episode of Buffy that never aired. It involves many of the gang, including Angel and Spike going after some kind of über vamp in space. They get it almost killed but are beaten and bloodied. Meanwhile two aliens/demons try to tell Xander and Willow how to stop it so they can relay the information to Buffy, Angel and Spike. One of the aliens/demons can't speak English and the other does so only haltingly. The information gets across, however, that they have to "turn on the light," There is then a scene of the airlock being opened as it faces a star in order to let the light destroy the über vamp, but also risking Angel and Spike. Interesting effect of the two being blown back by the force of the light while also being sucked forward by the evacuating athmosphere.

I am watching this, it seems at some sort of academic conference. When the presentation ends, I look behind me, and see my brother and someone else in the middle of the street. The other person, whom I do not recognize, is taking archery practice on a target set next to a house across the street. I approach them with a bunch of my friends and comment that the weather is "cool and clear with occasional flurries. Of arrows." There are tolerant chuckles and we all sit down in a circle in the middle of the street.

Something of my brother's grabs my attention it is a kind of friendship ball, as pegkerr has talked about recently. This one is oblong, however, with a Celtic knot design sculpted at one end. It is locked with a key and when unlocked it slides in extension to reveal two compartments, each secured with a rotating lid to hold a secret goodie. My brother's is empty at the moment, but I am intrigued by its design, finding it clever.

Then woke up.

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