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So much potential

When I got in to work tonight, there was a 232 page ASAP job just getting ready to be worked! I was excited. This should take us, what? A couple of hours at least! Plus there'd be edits! Maybe as much as three hours! That would mean only seven hours to kill with various little jobs that might trickle in and fucking around on the 'net before my shift was over.

No such luck. The job was broken up and put on the board. No more than ten minutes later, all the files were out being worked. It was like locusts descended (except that they would have little keyboards to do the typesetting with and there was a lot less noise and no prospect of forthcoming boils).

So now I'm workless. I keep an eye out for any edits that might come back to the board, but I have no real hope. It'll be another long night of surfing the 'net, reading, munching M&Ms and generally trying to stay awake.

First sign of weariness, I think I'll just head home early.

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