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Oh. My. God.

Slow at work. Deadly slow. Was so slow last night that the only job I worked on was helping fredcritter prepare a job neither of us had worked on for QC. Things were so bad that by the time the QC edits got back to me about a half hour before my shift ended I was so sleepy I simply couldn't make them. I kept nodding off and eventually decided that my attempting to continue to make the edits would only introduce errors. So I quit without saving what I'd done so far (not able to trust that I'd done it correctly) and went home.

Figuring tonight would be similarly slow (and boy was I right) I brought two books along with me. The first collection of "The Year's Best Fantasy" (Datlow/Windling, ed.) and the Barbara Sher book I'd started working through earlier this summer.

Looking back over the work I'd done in the Sher book, I rediscovered that one of the things I might like to take on would be making a small movie. I've been of the opinion for a while now that short stories and screenplays have a lot more in common than novels and screenplays so I'm reading through the stories looking for one that would be a good place to start.

So far, the best bet might be "Friend's Best Man" by Jonathan Carroll; fairly sparse in terms of setting, only four main characters and one of those is a dog. The main difficulty I see with it, production-wise, is that the main character loses a leg early in the story.

There's a Le Guin story, "Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out Tonight," that I also like, but that I think would also be difficult to produce.

I'll keep reading.

I feel like I should mention that I don't actually intend at this point, to make a commercial production out of any of these, but rather to use them as starting points of the exercise of preparing a treatment, screenplay and everything for making a film up to the point of actually spending any money. It's more thought-experiment at this point.

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