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Irish weekend, back to wrk

Got out to the Minnesota Irish Fair on Saturday. Saw the end of Seven Nations' set. (I liked them fine, minnehaha, and remember them from Winnipeg now. What was the objection to them again?) Wandered the grounds a bit, saw a few big, shaggy Irish Wolfhounds. Some smaller dogs that I dubbed "snacks." Much celtic jewelry and t-shirts. Then it was off to the beer tent and some of the lovely Summit Oatmeal Stout. Very nearly Guinnessy and quite satisfying.

Then it was down to the front for the Saw Doctors show. Ran into one of the women I'd met two years ago at the Gaelic Storm show in the same venue. The Docs were, of course, fun, fun, fun. A nice crowd of people up front were fans and knew all the songs. I was familiar with a few from the last show and the album I'd picked up. I don't think the main crowd was as familiar, but it was hard to tell while dancing in the throng up front. After an encore it was too early, but still time to head home.

Slept a good chunk that night thanks to the combination of good drink and physical exertion.

Got out a bit on Sunday, taking Ericka to the library. Watched the Twins take a tie into the ninth inning in the final game of their road trip in Cleveland. The game ran longer than the three hours alloted on my TiVo, though, so I had to go to the Internet to discover that they had, as I'd hoped, pulled ahead in the 10th and hung on to win it. Looking forward to the series at home with the Yankees this week, should be very fun.

Now at work with a very little to do. I picked up a novel at the library, thinking it was one that was on my list. It is, however, Eon by Greg Bear. Not on the list, but it's been enjoyable. I'm not following his science completely, but then I think it's a bit out of date and not jiving with the string theory I'd recently been exposed to via the Nova program fredcritter loaned me. Now that peak is nearly over, I hope to have time for reading and time to delve back into the Barbara Sher book's activities.

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