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Home from work

Ericka surprised me last night by showing up here at the house. She was discharged directly from the ICU, before they got around to getting a different room for her. They found a combo of drugs that helped with her pain and removed the drains from her incision. So now she's home, sleeping and healing up well. Our friend Kate stayed overnight to help out while I was at work and she'll have PCAs 'round during the days.

Work is being mildly frustrating. There is thankfully quite a bit to do. (January was painfully slow and many nights I was sent home early as there just wasn't enough work.) I keep running into job opening for better jobs at the company that I'm qualified for but they have a policy of waiting six months before job-hopping. Makes sense for them, I guess, given the amount they've sunk into me in on-the-job training. And I get the formal training for the work I've been doing for a month and a half over the next two weeks. I hope the people coming out from California for the class have some experience so that we can skip a lot of the basics. Otherwise I'm in for another dull two weeks.

Well, time for me to make some breakfast and wait up a bit to make sure Ericka's PCA shows up this morning. Then to sleep with me.

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