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Non-Irish Night, breakfast musings

I was hoping to get over to the Minnesota Irish Fair Friday night. See local boys, The Tim Malloys, and the night's headliner, Gaelic Storm, before heading in to work. Maybe squeeze in a pint or two (always a good thing before work, I find). But, alas, sleep and food won out over drink and music. I did get to watch a chunk of baseball (the Twins winning over Seattle when I had to leave) and had myself some tomato sandwiches and a banana for dinner.

I have another tomato in the fridge and I'm thinking of making myself another omelette for breakfast this morning. Or, now that I think about it, maybe I'll use a banana. Banana omelette? Banana crepe, sure, but that's way more fussy than I want to be get when I get home from work. Hmm. Banana omelette. Maybe do a Bananas Foster kinda thing. With eggs.


No, I think the tomato will be the better way to go. See if I can scrape up an onion from somewhere. Or some sausage. Hey, I'm getting close to my regular order at Al's Breakfast, the Leonard, an omelette with tomato, sausage and cheddar. Yes, I think that's the ticket, run up to a grocery, pick up some sausage and cheese, get gas for the car on the way home, make omelette, consume and sleep.

Excellent plan.

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