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Starting late

I'm in at work, on my usual day off, because it's "peak." We expect to have higher-than-normal work volumes.

As I arrived tonight, we had three jobs on our schedule totaling 163 pages. There are 11 of us here to work on them. A little more than 14 pages per person to be completed in the next eight hours. (Never mind that some of them aren't due until Friday at 11:00 a.m.)

I'm so glad they decided that I should come in tonight.

Well, at least I came in late (midnight) owing to the fact that I have a doctor's appointment in the morning. That gave me the opportunity to get in some good sleep despite Ericka's morning helper having a water heater emergency that kept her at home and it being a dog play-date day.

The appointment is nothing serious. Physical, get prescriptions updated. I have this weird callous-y thing on my thumb that I figure should be looked at.

Was hoping to get a look at the Perseid meteor shower this evening, but I'll have to rely on web cams if I'm to catch it at all. Not only am I working in the middle of the city, but we have a lot of cloud cover. Drat.

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