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Garden update

I occurred to me that I hadn't written about my gardens of late. This is because they are in a nice state that doesn't require a lot of day-to-day maintenance.

On the South Prairie, the Junegrass has finished its blooming and has lovely seedheads. The few prairie clovers on that side are starting to bloom, except for the silky prairie clover (which I think is not mature yet). The Heath Aster have gone feral on me and are spreading about in wild abandon. I've contemplated cutting them back but I think I'll wait until later this fall, after they flower. I want them to have plenty of photosynthesizing parts to build up their root systems.

I've laid some cardboard, black plastic and the pallets from the delivery of the cocoa shell mulch on a patch of ground next to the South Prairie toward the back of my house. The idea is to plant a rain garden there in the spring.

The Front Prairie is going great gangbusters. The Big Bluestem is developing its seedheads. I saw the cool flowery parts on one of the plants earlier this week. The Purple Coneflower is almost done with its flowering and the Prairie Coreopsis is just starting. The Prairie Clovers, both purple and white, are flowering out here, benefiting from longer sun, I think. No signs of flower from the Smooth Blue Aster yet, but it's supposed to be flowering August-October, so it's still a bit early. The Prairie Dropseed is starting to put up seedheads but they either don't smell like popcorn yet, or the chocolate smell from the mulch is drowning it out. The Cupplant is doing its cup thing, collecting water each day into the basins formed where its leaves grip its stalk. I'm waiting for it to shoot up a flower any day now!

I suppose I better take some pictures.

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