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Ericka update

My sweetie got through surgery to fix her broken arm quite well. The spiral fracture of her humerus that was a souvenir from her trip to Florida now has Titanium supports screwed to it. (Now she can set off metal detectors and accessorize with the Apple PowerBook!) She's been in a lot of pain, partially because she's a bit stubborn about medications. Once it was figured out that the amount of Tylenol she was getting was the limiting factor (plays havoc with your liver, that) she lobbied effectively for narcotics without the Tylenol and got better drugs.

Hopefully, she'll be out of ICU today. They were supposed to pull the drains from her arm yesterday, but no doctor was available to do that. Still, the hospital had no free beds so there was no option for leaving ICU anyway. Everyone, most particularly Ericka, is working at getting her ready to be home over the weekend. We cross fingers.

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