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Odd timing

The work day is going quite oddly for me tonight. I arrived a bit before my shift started at 10:00 p.m. and we had three, count 'em, three jobs on the schedule. One of them was working through edits from our job board but otherwise there was nothing to do. I felt fortunate that I had two files to work on before midnight.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, came a flurry of work. 150 pages here, 170 there, 500 there. All of it is coming through sequentially though, so we get to a point where we've caught up with the piece of work there is to do and a short time later, the next one is ready to work on. The effect is that I get into a groove working on a job and discover that it's done. So I relax and poke around on the 'net only to discover that there's something else to do.

It's distinctly odd but at least it's not boring.

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