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Virtuous meal

Was feeling a bit peckish about an hour and a half ago. Decided it would be a good time to run out to the grocery store and pick up some veggie-related foodstuffs for my on-going quest to add more to my diet.

I bought a dried fruit mix that I've tried before and liked, a couple of apples, four tomatoes, a chunk of fresh mozzarella, some more bananas (I was down to two), a bottle of carrot-apple-passionfruit juice, two little boxes of frozen peas, a crusty bread and some other stuff for the household.

Got back, put everything away. Sliced up one of the tomatoes and a chunk of the bread. Had two little tomato sandwiches (no mozzarella this time, next time for sure) and then the tomato salad kind of thing recommended by minnehahaK. Finished up with a glass of the juice. So I think that's probably two and a half servings of vegetables and half a one of fruit! Go me!

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