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Wait mode - Peter Hentges

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August 5th, 2004

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11:10 pm - Wait mode
I've had the unusual timing over the last week or so of coming to work just as there's a lull in the action. I get in, punch the time clock, log into my computer and then go check with my lead to see what I should work on. Lately I've been told to go into "wait mode" until something becomes available.

It's frustrating to get here, rarin' to go, and have to put everything on hold. I end up cruisin' the net for a while and like that, just waiting for something to do. More than once, something to do has shown up and I've been blissfully unaware. That makes me feel like a slouch, like I'm avoiding work.

Don't get me wrong, I avoid my share of work now and then, but when I'm actually looking for work, I feel bad if I don't find some when there's some to be had.
Current Mood: uncomfortableuncomfortable
Current Music: Perfect World--Dust Rhinos--Sociable

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