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The irony of peak

Oddly, it seems that whenever we have one of these "peak" weeks/months, I get more bored at work than I do otherwise. Not that there isn't work to do (and more of it), but that the anticipation and build-up to the work seems completely out of proportion with the work at hand.

Tonight, for example, we have about 30 jobs in house with due times ranging from ASAP to Thursday at 10:00 a.m. None of the jobs are horribly large, the biggest being only 83 pages. So the work is going along quite smoothly.

If you were to believe the build-up from our management, however, you would expect us to be buried under jobs with tons of pages all due before I get out of here in the morning (8:00 a.m.). We are all expected to be working 10-12 hour shifts this week. I am on a regular schedule of four 10-hour shifts per week and am expected to come in on my usual off day.

And yet, here I sit, un-busy enough to post to LiveJournal. This after spending some time surfing around to the various net.haunts I frequent and killing some time by eating a couple of the bagels our manager brought in.

(Saying all of this, of course, will bring Murphy down on my head the rest of the week, I'm sure. Still, I like that better than just sitting around waiting for stuff to do.)

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