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Plans for the day off

I have Wednesdays off and so I'm thinking of stuff to do with that time. Up 'til now, I've been working around the house or in the garden. I'm looking for something fun to do this week, though. Get out of the house, get outside when it's actually light for a change.

I think I'll take the bus downtown and then hop the new light rail for a spin. That'll only eat up a couple of hours, though. Taking th track to its end puts me at historic Fort Snelling, so maybe I'll bop around there for a bit. Their web site seems to indicate not much happening on Wednesdays, though.

I'll be on the train, though, so hopping back downtown would be easy. So that would mean that getting over to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts would be easy. They have some interesting exhibits running, it looks like. I bet Just one word . . . PLASTICS would be fun! And Art Deco: The French Aesthetic would maybe make me less jealous of my friends minnehaha who are living in France for a few months (or maybe more jealous). And hey, it's all free!

Yes. That's what I'll do. Bus, train, history, train, art. Then sleep. And maybe some baseball in the middle of the night (thanks to our hero, TiVo).

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