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Events, baseball and an evening of work

I took advantage of my day off Wednesday to get some sleep through the night and then run a bunch of errands Thursday morning.

First on the list was a trip to Ikea. This didn't happen first, however, as I got other things done before heading down that direction. Made a trip to the library for Ericka, picked up cat food, got some ice (and, since it was right there next to the ice, some ice cream).

When I returned, a repair person was working on Ericka's bed. She has a hospital-style bed, with motors to raise her head and/or feet. It's been invaluable in both allowing her to be comfortable with sleeping and having therapeutic value (helping with her lymph drainage by raising her feet, for example). A while back, one of the motors burned out. It's been a long process of having Medicare deny the repair, then approve it, then deny it, then approve something else, then deny that, then finally approving things, then waiting for parts, then ... you get the idea. So it was very nice that this got fixed for Ericka, finally!

So then, off to Ikea! I was specifically looking at bed frames. We have a king size mattress, but only a queen-size frame. We've been making do with a make-shift thing for years but it'd be nice to have a real king-size frame. A couple that Ericka and I both liked the looks of on the Ikea web site won't work for her (they are too low to the ground, which would make them difficult for her to get out of). Some other styles may be workable, however. I also saw some neat storage ideas (go figure) and entertainment center options that could work well for us. Now to save up for these purchases!

After that, I had some fun stuff to do in the afternoon, including sushi for lunch! Got back home in time to watch the Twins game that I'd TiVoed earlier. It ran longer than the allotted three hours, so I had to resort to the web to find out that the Twins had, in fact, won despite giving up a grand slam the inning after they took the lead with a grand slam. The White Sox won in their game this evening so the Twins hang on to their scarce half-game lead in the central division.

Then it was off to work. Astute readers might note that there was little time for sleep in this schedule. I did catch a nap while I watched the Twins game (something about baseball on TV), but have not had my normal amount of sleep today. Thankfully, the combination of getting some sleep Wednesday night, a fairly busy workload and your friend and mine, Ritalin, is keeping me awake through the night. Just a few more hours to stick out and then it's off to bed for me and dreams of the weekend.

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