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Off goes the niece, on goes the work

We sent Nikki the Wonder Niece off with her folks on Sunday. They stopped by on their way up to Duluth for a family outing with her maternal grandmother and grandfather, Jaami and Pa. Jaami knits socks for everyone so we all love her. It was good to finally meet her so that we know who to go to when it's time for new socks.

Nikki's little brother, despite loathing her as all little brothers loathe their big sisters, climbed out of the van and immediately attached himself to Nikki, wrapping arms and legs around her and not letting go for several minutes. It was terribly cute. Nikki had a boatload of stuff to go into an already well-packed vehicle so there was friction with her mom right away.

Ericka misses Nikki already. Me, I hardly noticed she was around one way or the other except that she got to sleep in my bed and I was banished to the downstairs. (This suits me just fine as I like sleeping in the cool, dark basement.) I think having her back would be just fine. She is tiring, however; Ericka and I both slept pretty much all of Sunday night and Monday until I had to go to work.

Speaking of which, we're supposed to be slow just now. Where'd all this work come from? People must be back from vacation and rarin' to go on stuff. We've been hopping since I got here six hours ago and there's plenty still to do.

I should get back to it!

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